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The fastest route from AWS S3 to instant reports.

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Logverz is a cutting-edge log analysis tool that has introduced a new category in the market.
Its innovative approach changes the way log analysis is done by reducing the cost, shifting the logic and speeding up log analysis on a global scale.

by design.


After 20 minutes of deployment + approx. 40 minutes of environment validation time, Logverz is able to achieve the same impactful results that companies can only produce after half-year-long data lake projects.



Allows users to do extremely flexible self-serve ETL, intuitive permission management and instant report generation. 


Built on top of AWS (other cloud environments extension in progress). 

Radically simplifies and de-risks the log analysis by doing the actual log collection and the analysis in the users’ cloud environment without moving large datasets across to other tools.


Serverless, needs practically no maintenance, and is on demand, so users only pay for AWS resources.



Reliable source-available tool offering faster deployment, better security, transparency and freedom from lock-in.


Free forever for generic use, and licence fees only apply for service provider and development purposes.

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